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» Practice areas «

... tasks our office particularly enjoys to be involved:

Economic law

Company registration

 - Finding the optimal ways for your business
 - Representation and legal consultation for companies
 - Formation, registration, qualification, dissolution and maintenance of business entities such as limited liability companies, limited and general partnerships

 - Contracts, agreements and general business law

Property law

 - Arrangements of lease and sales contracts
 - Real estate investments and value assessment Continue

Damages law (Property damage, Personal injury)

Labor law

Family law

 - Divorce
 - Custody
 - (Child support/Alimon)

Inheritance law

 - Testaments

Legal procedures (actions)

Administrative law

Everyday law cases

(request for payment by lawyer, out-of-court settlements)

Our practice areas cover a wide range of fields. Each of our team members is supported in his/her special area by the rest of the team as well as by our valued cooperation partners.

It is our well-established process to fix an appointment with the client, in order to discuss his/her questions and aims personally. To be able to give correct and expert information, we have to know more about the client and his/her plans. After receiving this information, we can offer different possibilities. We generally recommend avoiding expensive and long-lasting court proceedings. That is why we are in favour of out-of-court solutions and settlements. In order to be able to consult our clients in the best possible way, we generally prefer to meet our prospective clients in person in our office. The first meeting is dedicated to gathering relevant and background information on our clients’ intentions and discussing the case in detail. After having this information, we advice our clients on the most promising approach ranging from out-of-court settlements to representation at court.

We would like to emphasize that we advice our clients if we consider the chance of success for legal action not being significant. In this case we offer other alternatives aiming at minimizing both the financial costs and stress of our clients.

We also inform the client about the steps he/she can make without the involvement of the lawyer (for example collecting act copies, retrieving of personal documents). This allows the reduction of the costs and the client himself/herself may participate in the procedure.

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